Lucky Point Foundation Review 2015/2016

Claudia, Elizabeth and Margrit

It was both an exciting but also intense year for Lucky Point. We grew stronger and our influence amongst the members of the community continues to grow. I am happy to say that the people who reside in Botrivier recognize that Lucky Point is now a permanent part of the society and that its purpose will benefit all those who wish it to.

The manner in which the community participates and supports us is truly gratifying and we could wish for no more.

Responsibility in caring

Children both young and old happily relate closely to the project and through their participation take on their own involvement responsibly. This year we have helped to reintroduce some children back to school and away from the danger of local gangs and drugs. We have continued to feed and nourish young children after school and at the Crèche.

Life for everyone is not all roses; we have lost children through illness and accidents but have supported the families through their loss.

Frustrations lie in the continual difficulty in agreeing conditions for the lease of the Youth Centre and the new Recycling facility. Like many people in South Africa we have to remain determined, patient, apolitical and committed to our beliefs.

Without you, our dear friends, this would not be possible. The support you have shown us throughout these past years has been indispensable and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your Lucky Point Team
Margrit, Elizabeth, Claudia and the Children