October 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends

We at Lucky Point in Botrivier have had challenging times. Corona also defined our and the children’s lives. The people here seem to be a bit more resilient to all the changes and challenges. Their biggest concerns are having something to eat or warm, dry clothes as well as some money to pay for the school bus for the children. We know the worries and needs and tried to help wherever we could over all these months.

Unfortunately, we had to close the youth center for a few months because the schools were also closed. Especially in this difficult time we would have liked to keep the children a little more busy, but unfortunately that was not possible. We had to watch them drifting more and more, having no structures anymore, and when the schools opened again, many didn’t want to go to school at all. During this time, our team cooked tirelessly and distributed food daily, especially to the children. Families in need received food packages from us and also hygiene items, lots of soap!

We distributed over 90,000 meals in just seven months!

Corona also hit our team. Four of us were sick, but we are all back and happy to continue accompanying and caring for the children. Later, Lucilla from our nursery (daughter of Elizabeth and sister of Claudia) also got sick. Unfortunately she lost the fight against Corona. We are deeply saddened.

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