Elizabeth Jacobs

Recycling and Art Craft / Jewellery

Elizabeth Jacobs

Elizabeth is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Recycling process including the Point Shop. She also uses her home for the “Aftercare Playroom”. Elizabeth is the original partner of Margrit in the setting up of the “Lucky Point” project. Despite her busy days, she has learnt the art of jewellery making and now teaches the children how to transform used Espresso capsules and beads donated by local friends into beautiful designs.

Elizabeth grew up in Botrivier with eight brothers and sisters and is a mother of five children and grandmother to 10. In her church she works as Sunday school teacher and youth leader.

“I was praying to be more involved with the children and youth in Botrivier and then I met Margrit: before I knew it, it all began”, she said.

Elizabeth is everybody’s Ouma (grandmother) and with great compassion and empathy she follows her dream of leading the children to a healthier environment with greater values and work ethic leading to better opportunities, which we believe will result in more positive choices and higher sense of responsibility.

The enormous contribution that Elizabeth has made to the growth and success of the recycling program should not be underestimated. Her dedication and commitment to the project have resulted in visible and considerable improvements leading to a much cleaner and healthier local environment among other things. There is no doubt that without her tireless efforts, the recycling programme would not have grown to the point that it is today. It is essential that we extend the facilities to meet the requirements for the future and to pave the way for further successful growth.

To add to her talents, Elizabeth was previously a forklift driver in a local apple factory: quite a woman, don’t you think? We do!