Lucky Point team breaking the ground


Lucky Point has operated within the community of Botrivier for the last 14 years. It had humble beginnings and started many years ago as the “brainchild” of Margrit Schwendimann and Elisabeth Jacobs when they wanted to better the lives of children within this small Overberg Community.

It has grown from teaching children about recycling – and in doing so, helping the environment – to having two creches supporting the community and an after school facility, the Lucky Point Youth Centre which opened its doors in 2019.

Taking it to the next level

The Agri – Learning Centre

Historically the community of Botrivier has been reliant on jobs in the Agri-sector. This centre will now empower the youth of Botrivier to develop skills, build self-esteem and assist in providing food-security. We know food security is a crisis faced globally with growing population and climate change.

Vegetables and fruit are forming the basis of a healthy body!

A “safe haven”

As part of the development on the new premises there will also be facilities that will provide a “safe haven” for those “Lucky Point” kids who need a safe place due to domestic conditions. This will give them access to a safe and secure environment.

Volunteer housing

The new development will also provide housing for volunteers who come and support Lucky Point with their time and valuable skills.

A multi-functional sports ground

Another exciting part of the new development will be the multi-functional sports ground. Research has proved that exercise is a way to escape stressful conditions. This will also provide a place where the youth can exercise.

Groundbreaking Ceremony: 14 November 2022