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The Lucky Point Youth Centre

Now our vision has become reality, an overwhelming feeling for us! On the 8th February 2019 we celebrated the grand opening of our youth centre.

It was a wonderful party, full of fun and happiness. Swiss Ambassador Helene Budliger and Swiss General Consul Andreas Maager, together with about 80 guests were celebrating with us. The Marimba kids were playing and the Riel Dancers from Wuppertal dancing. There are no words to describe our emotions seeing these kids performing, this positive energy is exactly what we want to see in the future in our centre! From the bottom of our heart we say thank you to all our friends who supported us for many years and helped that this vision became reality⚘

Wha’s the Youth Centre about?

The overall concept of the youth centre is to create a safe open environment for the young people of Botrivier, enabling them to develop their mental, physical and educational skills for the purpose of presenting them with healthier life choices.

The educational program will operate within the broader Youth Centre framework. The following specific objectives will be pursued.

  • There will be no specific minimum or maximum age group for the children. Although it is not foreseen that adults over 20 years use the facility, we will ensure that the youth of Botrivier will receive any support it requires according to circumstances.
  • To reduce High school dropout figures and to promote and assist academic performance amongst Youth Centre attendees.
  • To improve vocational Higher Educational enrollment and completion.
  • To provide a safe environment for the children and youths after school, where their homework and learning may continue.
  • To encourage and promote co-operation and communication between all ethnic groups and religions.
  • To facilitate a music school to provide children with the opportunity of learning to play musical instruments.
  • To provide basic gymnasium equipment to assist in promoting good health.
  • To provide free basic meals for the undernourished and hungry.
  • To provide professional sex education with a view to reducing teenage pregnancy.
  • To provide educational programs to combat AIDS.
  • To promote family values and responsibilities which will include at least a decent monthly meal for the one in need in the local community.

It is envisaged that the activities will take place in conjunction with local community services and particularly with the schools.

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