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After-school care

At Elizabeth’s house – located in the centre of Botrivier and where it is most needed – we added a room where children up to the age of 13 years old can meet after school. It is the only opportunity locally for the children to play in clean and safe surroundings. Two cultures and two languages come together here: the black children generally speak Xhosa and the coloured children mainly Afrikaans. In the playroom they play together and have fun learning each other’s language at the same time.

They play for two hours, paint and create jewellery with beads or beautiful bracelets out of Nespresso capsules. Like all children they are not affected by everyday problems and so it is a happy time for them.

Elizabeth cooks for about 40-60 kids, so none of the children leave hungry when they return home at 5 o’clock. As the number of children grew quickly, further help was needed to assist Elizabeth in this task. It is not only an aftercare facility: Elizabeth’s door is always open for the hungry and needy. She listens to their worries and problems and we help where we can.


“New France” on the outskirts of Botrivier

Our other after school care facility is situated at the informal settlement on the outskirts of Botrivier named locally as “New France”. Here we erected a wooden shack attached to Maria`s home. Maria is a Sotho lady but she also speaks Xhosa, English and Afrikaans: in other words she is multilingual. Every day she takes care of approximately 50 young children. This refuge is a safe and happy environment where they are able to play and enjoy a meal before returning home. We are very happy to have Maria to care for all these children in this very poor area. Maria receives local help to care for the children and provide the meals.

For the children, one important rule:

Yes to fun and laughter. No to fighting and bad language.

After-school Gallery