Claudia Delport

Project Manager of Lucky Point

Claudia Delport

Claudia is Elizabeth’s daughter and mother of 3 boys. Her training began as a hairdresser in Cape Town. Soon after she returned home to Botrivier to open her own hairdressing salon.

“When I saw Margrit and my mother start the Recycling program, I thought these two women were a little crazy. But when I saw the passion, love and effort my mother put into realizing her dream and the way the community responded to the process, I realised she needed help.”

When the first container arrived from Switzerland with so many beautiful things, Claudia threw herself into cleaning and ironing everything before it was arranged in the shop. The bug had bitten and she could no longer stay away: when the Crèche opened Claudia took the responsibility of leading it and today she is still in charge.

Claudia committed herself to the project and spent the following four years attending school in order to graduate as Early Childhood teacher. Claudia even had time to get the truck driving licence and now you can see her driving around with the Lucky Point truck.

“When I see all of those happy faces filled with excitement, it makes me feel very privileged to be part of this project, which enables me to touch and care for so many young people’s lives. We care for them and where necessary take them by the hand and guide and assist them as far as we can. They are after all our future”.