New France after-school care reopening

New France after-school care reopening

In line with the beginning of the new school year in South Africa, our New France after-school care also reopened in January.

The poorest of the poor live in New France and this is where help is also needed the most.

Irene, who was in charge of the After-school Care in New France for many years, has left us because her mother needed her at home in the Eastern Cape.

New room for New France After-school Care

We had to look for another place for the kids and were very lucky to find Maria – also living in New France – who was more than happy to take over from Irene. Attached to her wooden house, we built on an additional room where the kids have shelter and a safe place to play.

Maria is such a bubbly person that she easily won the hearts of the children. She cares for them with a lot of love and much compassion. Maria also loves cooking, so they never go home hungry!