More interesting activities at Lucky Point Youth Centre

Champions playing the soccer table

The activities at the Lucky Point Centre are getting more and more interesting for the children and youth. Every day we can see some new faces. The Art class is very busy, the music teacher had his first workshop and the exercises with the Swiss Ball is fun. But table soccer is the absolute favourite so far!

Beauty Training was introduced to show the youth – particularly those who are in their final year of school – what possibilities are waiting for them. In the kitchen we are busy cooking all the apples, which were donated by the farmers. It will be frozen and then served warm with some cinnamon in winter.

We have started preparing the garden! First, we had to build a little wall using our eco-bricks, so the soil won’t be washed away when the heavy rain comes.

Its wonderful to see how everything slowly comes together. Thank you friends. Although very busy, we are extremely happy and grateful.

Margrit, Elizabeth and Claudia