Elizabeth and Claudia visit Switzerland

Elizabeth and Claudia visit Switzerland

After his visit to our project in Botrivier and seeing the tremendous work that Elizabeth and Claudia do, a friend of Lucky Point decided to pay for their tickets to Switzerland. It was a huge surprise for them and they could hardly believe this dream coming true.

Their holiday started with the Charity Night where they mixed easily with all our friends and enjoyed a very special evening. They were, of course, were the stars of the evening.

We travelled around Switzerland for two weeks and were hosted by many of our Lucky Point friends. I was amazed to see how easily they adapted and enjoyed whatever came their way.

Bells ringing for Elizabeth

I was able to show them a procession from the alpine pastures. What an absolute treat for Elizabeth because all these cow bells ringing were making music for her on her birthday! She will never forget and the hard-working farmers too who left a big impression on her.

“My experience in Switzerland was amazing, to see all the beautiful lakes and mountains. All the different food and to do all the things I dreamt about. What I also realized after such a wonderful visit and the great hospitality I experienced was how much I appreciate my own country and its people, what I have in South Africa are happy people no matter what their circumstances are”, says Claudia.

Extremely motivated they happily flew back home, with happy and grateful hearts.